• Initial fee of £350 (£291.67 +VAT)
  • Tenancy Agreement fee of £85.00 (£70.83 + VAT) for a 12 months agreement or £50 (£41.67.00 +VAT) for a 6 months agreement. The Tenancy Agreement fee is payable each and every time the tenancy is renewed.
  • In the event of your rent being paid later than the agreed date, a late fee charge of £30 (£25 + VAT) will be levied for every five days until the shortfall is paid up.
  • The initial fee is payable up front, and is non- refundable. As well as covering the cost of administration, the initial fee also serves as a holding deposit.
  • One month’s rent will be required as a deposit. This will be put into MyDeposits. This is a Government backed deposit protection scheme.